Expeditionary Support Services
When military and civil strife breaks out in remote areas around the world, organizations must be pre-positioned to swiftly analyze the situation and then rapidly deploy its forces. LMT's Expeditionary Support Services division offers that fast-paced and dynamic response.

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ESS Theater Logistics
When contentious situations develop around the world, LMT ESS gets the intelligence-led and technology-inspired solutions there fast, even in austere locations around the globe.
The strongest threats are those we cannot see. LMT uses Mathematical and Scientific Threat-Forecasting to make otherwise invisible threats visible. By providing clients with a clearer picture of what's to come, LMT empowers them to make better-informed decisions.

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Completing a mission is as much about the task itself as it is about the person taking it on. LMT's team of analysts find trends in its clients' performances and provides solutions on how to enhance training plans to help organizations more effectively reach their goals.

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ESS Security & Advisory Services
Stabilizing dangerous operations starts with protecting people, essential services, critical assets and infrastructure. LMT ESS provides that security in austere locations around the globe.

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Lifecycle Management
Just as threats evolve, and predictions of where and how an enemy will strike next become clear based on Mathematical and Scientific Forecasting, so do the capabilities needed to combat them. LMT uses statistical analysis to help determine not only what tools will be needed to address the threats of today and tomorrow, but also to ensure its recommended solutions have a longer lifecycle.

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ESS Life Support & Construction Services
Operating in austere conditions requires a place to work from and the means to sustain the people fueling the operations. LMT ESS builds facilities around the globe, including the front lines of developing battlefields, and then maintains the people and equipment needed to keep operations rolling.
The strength of an enemy lies in their ability to think strategically and act tactically. LMT analyzes actions on each level to stay one step ahead, providing solutions on how to defeat them from the point they pose immediate harm to the network planning future damage.

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Digital Visualization
When it comes to communicating complex ideas in an ever-changing environment, like the battlefields of Afghanistan or corporate America, LMT believes it must be done efficiently and effectively. LMT uses digital visualization to do just that, blending together video, graphic design and multi-media applications to share information.

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