“Frogwomen” show concept takes the “So You Think You Can Pitch” competition award at the 2012 Realscreen Summit in Washington, DC

DC-based WarFront REAL Productions receives accolade for non-fiction Navy SEAL documentary series

February 3, 2012 (Washington, DC) – Realscreen Summit, the definitive global non-fiction entertainment conference that has taken place in Washington, DC for 14 years running, has announced “Frogwomen”” –  Executive Produced by DC-based Lani Hay, President & CEO of Lanmark Technology Inc. (LMT), and Brian Krow, Creative Director of Lanmark Technology Inc., under WarFront REAL Productions (a division of LMT) – as the winner of the “So You Think You Can Pitch?” pitch session moderated by television personality Howie Mandel.  The panel of judges consisted of Gary Lico of CABLEready, Bridget Whalen Hunnicutt of National Geographic, Brandon Riegg of NBC Universal, and Simon Andreae of Discovery.

The pitch, given by Krow, an Emmy Award-Nominated Producer for ABC’s hit show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Producer of “School Pride” for NBC, “Construction Intervention” for Discovery, and “Wedding Day” for TNT, presented the “Frogwomen” documentary series at the Summit.  Krow opened by stating that a successful documentary is based on the premise of finding the compelling questions and then allow the audience to answer them.  He continued stating, “So I simply ask, when will our government afford women equal opportunity to serve our country alongside men in combat? Is a woman physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to serve in our military's elite Special Forces?”

The premise for the series comes from Hay’s discovery of the "Combat Exclusion Policy" based on a 1988 Department of Defense restriction excluding women from serving in "combat units". In 1994, the US government partially lifted the “Combat Exclusion Policy” and it currently precludes women from serving in "direct ground combat units".  As of now there are no women in the US military's elite Special Forces. This past August, the top commander of the US Special Operations Command and former Navy SEAL himself, Admiral Eric T. Olson said, “I would like to see female SEALs in combat roles. I don't think it's as important that they can do a lot of push-ups. I think it's much more important in what they're made of and whether or not they have the courage and the intellectual agility to do that”.

“My dream was to be a fighter pilot flying for the Navy’s premiere aerial flight team, the Blue Angels. I received an appointment to attend the United States Naval Academy and when I arrived, I was told that I couldn’t fulfill my dream simply because I was a woman. Little did I know that there was Department of Defense policy called “Combat Exclusion” that precluded women from serving in a combat capacity,” stated Hay.

The title of the series is derived from the Navy SEAL insider moniker “Frogmen” inspiring the title of the show as “Frogwomen” – and is an observational and inspirational documentary series following 24 hand selected American women with unique and relatable backgrounds, who are given the opportunity to test their physical, mental, and emotional fortitude against a training process similar to the one to becoming a US Navy SEAL. The cast of women in the series present emotional backstories based on different backgrounds and varied ages and ethnicities, however, they share one common denominator – the will power to fight to the finish and attain success. 

“This training is known to be the hardest military training program in the world and has never previously been tested on women. The attrition rate to becoming a US Navy SEAL is 78%. Very simply, this means that if a 100 people try out on Day 1, only 22 will get a US Navy SEAL trident on their chest a year later,” said Krow in his pitch to the panel of judges and a large crowd of non-fiction  industry insiders.  Krow anticipates “Frogwomen” having domestic and international appeal based on the positive feedback he received from conference participants.

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