Family Not Phones--Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Families and Friends of LMT,

I would like to take a moment and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Opportunities to take time to reflect on what we are thankful for are rare and my hope is you and your family and friends can have a great Thanksgiving.

In preparing to write this note, I reflected on one of our motivational themes for the year, Mind-Body-Spirit, and a thought came to mind. I have made the commitment on Thanksgiving Day between the hours of two and six o'clock (4 hours) to turn off my cellphone. I want to spread this commitment because I remember the days when we enjoyed our families and loved ones without constant interruption from the smartphone world.

If you will commit to this endeavor, I would like you to show your family dedication by making a personal or family pledge to make four hours of Thanksgiving a cellphone-free occasion. We here at LMT corporate are calling this event "Family Not Phones" and we would like you, your family and friends to commit to four hours of smartphone silence. If you are committed, please Tweet @LanmarkLMT and #familynotphonechallenge your commitment and pass it on around the world. If you don't use Twitter, we ask you to declare your promise to the people closest to you. Help us to make Thanksgiving an extra special day.