Lanmark Technology Inc. is Awarded the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) Contract to Provide Comprehensive Engineering Support Services

VIENNA, VA (September 2011) - The Defense Information System Agency (DISA) awarded Lanmark Technology Inc. the Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) contract to provide comprehensive engineering support services to include the activities of Information and Knowledge Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Web Services and Technical Advice.

DISA is a Combat Support Agency comprised of 16,000 people – military, federal civilian, and contractor partners which provides the network, computing infrastructure, and enterprise services to support information sharing and decision making for DoD users across the globe.  The DSO is the lead agency operating in the new and evolving net-centric environment requiring greater information sharing (greater bandwidth), greater mobility and spectrum agility at a higher tempo where wired and wireless systems must work in concert in order to support missions and maintain the edge in information superiority.

The DSO contract is designed to provide electromagnetic spectrum advocacy and strategic planning, engineering, direct Combatant Command support, and net-centric enterprise capabilities and services to continuously enable effective global spectrum operations for warfighters, national level leaders and coalition partners. 

Lanmark Technology Inc. is proud to support the DSO contract to ensure that successful warfighter operations have the required capabilities for command and control, collaborations, information sharing, spectrum access and global computing that are assured, reliable, diverse, high capacity and protected.