Lanmark Technology Inc. Vice-President of Programs Laurie G. Moe Buckhout Addresses the Aardvark Roost Bi-annual EW Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

VIENNA, VA (September 2011) On September 13th and 14th, 2011, Colonel Laurie Moe Buckhout, USA, Retired, LMT’s Vice President for Programs and President-Elect of the International Electronic Warfare Association, the AOC, traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to speak at the South African AOC Bi-annual EW Conference.  The agenda featured many senior members of the South African Defense Forces and their supporting industry partners and research institutions.
The theme of this year’s conference was “A balanced approach to meet the EW demands of potential future conventional and irregular warfare threats.” This theme was chosen as Armed Forces in many countries need to prepare themselves for the very real possibility of having to conduct both conventional and irregular types of warfare in the future.

One of the challenges facing Armed Forces is therefore to find the optimal balance in allocating the correct portion of their budgets, time and resources in order to be prepared for both types of warfare in the unpredictable future we face.  Ensuring the adequate funding is in the first place channeled towards EW would of course be a prerequisite in this regard.

Laurie’s comments focused on US “Lessons Learned” over the last decade of conflict, emphasizing the importance of interoperable and collaborative spectrum-using systems which will be able to not only support future operations across widely dispersed areas across the spectrum of conflict, but are also able support interoperability with our future coalition partners.

The conference is one of many outlets Lanmark Technology uses to bring cutting edge Scientific, Engineering, and high-level Program Development and Management Solutions in the areas of Electronic Warfare.  Laurie’s current position as President-Elect of the Association of Old Crows ensures she continues to lead global efforts in this area that is so critical to our national security.

The Association of Old Crows promotes the exchange of new ideas and information, and the dissemination of new research and knowledge in the fields of Electronic Warfare and Information Operations. The Association of Old Crows Electronic Warfare event is one of many conferences, forums, courses, and symposia each year promoting defense electronics and information operations issues, programs, and initiatives providing a forum to discuss the latest developments in EW across land, maritime, air/space and EM environments.  The conference combines internationally recognized speakers and authorities on EW issues from the military, politicians, scientists and engineers.