LMT Creative Team Earns TIVA Awards For Military Training Video and “FROGWOMEN” Program Reel

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VIENNA, Va. – LMT is pleased to announce that its Creative Services department earned two awards for its video productions earlier this month from the Television, Internet and Video Association (TIVA).

LMT’s “FROGWOMEN” video earned a bronze award in the Program / Series Promo category and its OCONUS (outside the continental U.S.) ORSA (Operations Research Systems Analysis) Training Video earned a Silver Award in the Internal Communications category.  

Brian Krow accepts TIVA Silver Award on behalf of LMT

The TIVA-DC Peer Awards in a merit-based award judged solely on the individual merits of the entry. It is not a competition, rather an acknowledgement and celebration of the exceptional quality work created by professionals and non-professionals in the Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware region.

“LMT believes strongly in the power of video to communicate complex information, tell powerful stories and inspire audiences,” said Brian Krow, LMT’s Director of Creative Services, an Emmy Award nominated producer. Days before receiving the awards, Krow completed shooting his latest work, a mini-documentary on adaptive athletes. “It’s an honor to be recognized for these efforts and even more so an honor to work with a company that believes in the power of digital visualization.”

Krow is an American television producer who spent 12 years in Los Angeles before returning to his Washington DC hometown and joining LMT. Krow has produced more than 100 hours of non-fiction programming across numerous broadcast and cable networks, becoming most widely known for his accomplishments on ABC’s award winner show “Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition,” which he earned an Emmy Award Nomination for.

The ORSA Training Video was produced in support of the analysts – some of which are LMT team members – working on the frontlines of military operations around the world, like Afghanistan. It was used by Director-level leadership and sent out to military schools for educational purposes, including the U.S. Army’s West Point.


For the last decade, LMT's team of analysts have worked in Afghanistan studying narratives from operations there to help predict and prevent military troops and civilian communities from getting hurt. Specifically, LMT analysts have worked to help combat the threat of improvised explosive devices, a key weapon used by the Taliban and other adversaries in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Where the ORSA Training Video was used by military men and women immediately as a training tool, “FROGWOMEN” aimed to help highlight the rigorous training those military service members endure.

The concept for “FROGWOMEN” was to put 24 elite women through six-week U.S. Navy SEAL training to test their mental fortitude. Federal policy currently doesn’t permit women to be in combat with the U.S. military’s Special Forces units, like SEALs.

Krow’s WarFront REAL Productions partnered with LMT for “FROGWOMEN” with the goal of creating inspirational television. LMT opened up unprecedented access to the U.S. Navy SEALs in Coronado, Ca. and Virginia Beach, giving Krow the opportunity to observe and understand this elite training.

“FROGWOMEN” also won the Real Screen Summit’s “So You Think You Can Pitch” contest.

Krow is a 1999 graduate of West Virginia University’s Acting Conservatory Program, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts. Before moving to California to start his career, Krow did a short term of graduate work at Carnegie Mellon University studying Shakespeare.

Krow’s successes also include writing a public service announcement for Actor Chris Evans to promote “Captain America” on behalf of the Navy SEAL Foundation. The announcement was picked up by the NFL and played across stadiums across America, generating tens of thousands of dollars of “text in” donations to help support the families of fallen SEALs. 

About Lanmark Technology Inc. (LMT):

LMT Inc. is a mathematic optimization company, helping business and government to transform otherwise ambiguous data into clear and actionable insight. Where most people see the events and details of life and work as narratives, LMT views the world through a mathematical lens, observing data points and numbers.

Deep in that data lies the meaning to numbers – trends, patterns and predictions of what may happen in the future. For government clients, that means preventing future harm from occurring to people and property. For business leaders, it gives them the solutions they need to make informed decisions.

For the last decade, LMT's team of analysts have studied the narratives from the frontlines of military operations to help predict and prevent military troops and civilian communities from getting hurt. Private organizations now increasingly turn to LMT for equivalent predictive analysis.

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