Virginia-based Business Leader Lani Hay Participates in the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship Breakfast for Women

VIENNA, VA (April 2010) — On April 28, 2010, Lani Hay, President and CEO of Lanmark Technology (LMT), Inc., participated in the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship's breakfast for women entrepreneurs. The event was hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was held at the historic Benjamin Franklin Room at the United States Department of State.

Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues Melanne Verveer began the breakfast by introducing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to give remarks on the occasion. Clinton expressed her excitement to celebrate the contributions of women entrepreneurs from around the world and expressed the necessity to continue to engage women to expand and deepen economic progress with increased contributions and involvement of women. Clinton outlined three initiatives that the State Department will implement.

The first is a program called Tech Women that will "enhance the technological capacity of women in seven Muslim majority countries." The second is a program that will be immediately launched called the Secretary's International Fund for Women and Girls that will "bring together the resources and expertise of both the public and private sectors to invest in effective and innovative solutions for issues like economic empowerment, climate change, combating violence against women, and improved access to education and healthcare." The third initiative is the Secretary's Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls to "build on pioneering approaches to empowering women politically, economically, and socially around the world." The award will be funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation's president, Dr. Judith Rodin, commented on the disparities women still face around the world, including the United States, and hopes the award will inspire and generate local ideas and projects that will have a global impact.

Ms. Hay was honored to participate in the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship and was encouraged by the progress that Secretary Clinton continues to make in her long career in promoting women empowerment across the globe. She stated, "Women entrepreneurs are a backbone to local and international communities, and the support we can provide in their own communities can yield results far beyond our expectations."

The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship brought "together more than 275 participants from over 50 countries around the world – from Morocco to Indonesia, Uganda to Kazakhstan, France to India. It included men and women from many different walks of life – business leaders from diverse sectors, educators, community organizers, and social entrepreneurs among others.

With attendance by President Obama and various Cabinet Secretaries and senior U.S. Government officials, the Summit was meant to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship to fostering economic opportunity and community development. As the President said in Cairo almost one year ago, "education and innovation will be the currency of the 21st century, and the Summit will help build relationships that lead to greater opportunity at home and abroad."